Lauri Isotalo

Audacon Ltd was founded in 1997 by Mr. Lauri Isotalo, currently acting as managing director of the company and principal consultant in the fields of construction/contract management.

Mr. Isotalo has gained extensive professional experience in various fields of civil and environmental engineering, including water and sewerage networks and treatment facilities, waste management, roads, streets and traffic planning.

In addition, Mr Isotalo has been involved in international projects for most of his professional career, including assignments in Africa, the Baltic and Balkan countries and the Mediterranean. Mr. Isotalo has specialised in Contract Management and Procurement issues and contractual procedures in accordance with FIDIC, EBRD and the World Bank conditions as well as the EU procurement guidelines. He has prepared a number of Tender Documents in accordance with regulations of different financing institutions, typically based on the FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

He has acted several times as a member, chairman, and observer of Tender Evaluation Committee and is very familiar with the evaluation procedures. He has delivered seminars on FIDIC Conditions of Contract and Contract/Construction Management. He is qualified to serve as member of a Dispute Adjudication Board. Through his long experience as a Design Project Manager and Resident Engineer he is very familiar with design and implementation of overseas engineering projects. He is experienced in contractual matters related to project implementation through his over 10 years experience in international projects.

Specialities in brief:
  • Procurement Procedures in accordance with EU, World Bank and EBRD requirements
  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract, including first editions 1999
  • Resolution of Disputes
  • Construction and Contract Management and Project Co-ordination
  • Construction Supervision
  • Design and construction of water supply, sanitation, civil and environmental engineering works
Off duty, Lauri can often be found at an airfield practicing his hobby and means of transportation, aviation.